Khan’s back facing the viewer in Star Trek Into Darkness

The Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Novelisation Brought to You by Alan Dean Foster

Two years before, I watched Star Trek Into Darkness. Star Trek Into Darkness is the sequel to Star Trek (2009). It is about the USS Enterprise crew who explore space. Int his particular movie, the Enterprise crew have to face off with a formidable foe – Khan (or more appropriately, KHAAAAN!!!).

The movie was full of action, tension, a fair amount of fun and had something to it that drew me to find out more about Star Trek than ever. However, there were a few bits of Star Trek Into Darkness that have left viewers (or maybe just me) not too sure what could have been happening, or perhaps all the science-y explanations left us wondering what?? afterwards. When I found out that there was a movie novelisation with the same name (written by Alan Dean Foster), I got excited and got my hands on a copy as soon as possible (coincidentally, as if answering to my wish, I found a copy, or well, a stack of copies at a bookstore).

He wanted to exploit my savagery! Intellect alone is useless in a fight, Mr. Spock. You, you can’t even break a rule – how can you be expected to break bone? 

The novelisation translated well from screen to page. The best part of the book, I would say, is the extra detail and descriptions, that lets readers gain more of an understanding of what is going on and why something matters. It definitely cleared up parts of the movie that were unclear or were too fast to be interpreted well on screen. This applies especially to scenes where Khan and Spock are “playing chess”. As they say, you do not play chess with a Vulcan.

I would still recommend watching the movie first before reading this book. It helps with visualising the scenes, starships and characters. Even so, it would also be completely alright to just watch the movie and not read the book. As mentioned, this book just clears up some things, even if they are trivial, such as the surprisingly British-accented Carol Marcus.

Alan Dean Foster uses big words sometimes. Words that I can hardly remember or understand and of which I unfortunately didn’t write down so I can’t remember them, which makes my point not all that strong. Still. It doesn’t affect the book on the whole or the reading process so I deem that more than acceptable, it’s not a problem. The writing was straightforward and the reader was made to understand the stakes and everything else directly. I understand that if you read the book while holding the movie scenes in your head, it makes for a much more enjoyable reading experience, which I would also recommend for you to do.

I enjoyed this book, partly I suppose because I enjoyed the movie. Still, there’s a lot that when out into words, can be quite fun, like that but where Spock is being jealous of newcomer Carol, which has been explored thoroughly on Tumblr, and there’s this quote from the movie that I wish had made it into the book.

There will always be those who mean to do us harm. To stop them, we risk awakening the same evil within ourselves. Our first instinct is to seek revenge when those we love are taken from us. But that’s not who we are.


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